Business Activities

Business Activities

Helping to Create an Enriching and Dynamic Food Culture


Surrounded by the ocean, with rich fishing grounds, Japan has developed a fishinspired food culture unique in the world. These rich marine resources and our dynamic food culture are a source of pride for Japan, and are drawing increased attention from around the world. Located in one of Japan’s most prominent port cities, Hakodate, we not only provide consumers with freshly caught fish and high safety quality processing techniques, we also strive to promote healthy living, the joy of food and pride in Japan’s food culture, all of which helps to deliver a more enriching and dynamic food culture to all.

Marine Fishery Wholesale Business


We have established a rigorous system to ensure the products we deliver are always available and of the highest safety quality to meet our customer needs. In addition to North Pacific shortfin squid (illex squid) landed in Hakodate, and fresh fish from every corner of Hokkaido, we also supply frozen fishery products and fishery products imported from around the world. We also import fishery products from our affiliates and branches in South Korea and other countries,which are then primarily sent to food processing manufacturers in Hokkaido Prefecture, and to a lesser extent other parts of Japan.


We deliver fishery products from around the world to Asia and many other countries. We offer the highest safety quality through our rigorous safety protocols, strict hygiene control for our employees and a precise temperature control system for our storage and processing facilities, thus ensuring the highest freshness.

[Refrigeration and Freezer Warehouse]

  • Steel-framed building with partial second floor
  • Site area / 3,477.60m2
  • Able to issue warehouse receipts, store bonded cargo, and equipped with an Fgrade refrigerator
  • On-site 5-ton capacity for refrigeration and freezing

Refrigeration and Freezer Warehouse

[Ota Market]

Located along the bay, Ota Market has over 400,000m² of space, and is an ideal distribution hub as the Bayshore Route of the Shuto Expressway runs directly through the market. Ota Market is also located next to Tokyo Haneda International Airport, and close to the Port of Tokyo and a JR freight rail terminal.

Ota Market

Overseas Business Division / International Trade Division

Morroco Fixed-Net Bluefin Tuna Business

Morroco Fixed-Net Bluefin Tuna Business

Fixed-net fishing has been used in Morocco since before the modern era to catch schools of tuna that migrate from the North Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea to spawn. These fish are then processed at sea while they are still alive to ensure unparalleled freshness and quality.

Mexico Aquaculture Business

Mexico Aquaculture Business

Using proprietary techniques, we carefully raise our fish to ensure the greatest freshness possible and perfect fattiness. The fish are then flown to Japan chilledair freight via Los Angeles International Airport.

China Processing and Trade Business

China Processing and Trade Business

We have a joint venture company in China that processes both tuna and squid. Tuna and other seafood landed in China are imported to Japan as primary or secondary processed products. We also export tuna processed in Japan to China and South Korea.

Aquaculture Business Division

Aquaculture Business

Utilizing Our Experience Gained Internationally to Develop Bluefin Tuna Aquaculture in Japan

In 2011, we established Dohsui Nakatani Suisan Co., Ltd. to meet the growing need for bluefin tuna aquaculture in Japan.
This business is located in Sukumo Bay in Western Kochi Prefecture.
Protected from the wind and waves of the open ocean, Sukumo Bay features a ragged coastline with deepwater inlets that offer an ideal natural environment for aquaculture.
Bluefin tuna are individually line-fish harvested at the time of order, ensuring a stable supply of superior quality bluefin tuna.

South Korea Branch

South Korea Branch

South Korea Branch and Affiliated Company, Jeong pil, in South Korea

Our South Korea Branch jointly operates a tuna processing plant with Jeong pil. Farm tuna raised overseas are processed into products for sale within South Korea and also exported to Japan.
We also process squid and Alaskan pollack products using stocks caught in South Korea.

Processing Division/Hakodate Plant(Hokuto-shi,Hokkaido)

Hakodate Plant

After we process and season the seafood landed in and around Hakodate, we flash freeze the finished products using the latest facilities and freezing technology. Popular products, such as Ika Somen (squid sashimi), Ika Somen Shiokara (salted and fermented squid) and Kazunoko Matsumae-zuke (pickled herring roe), are shipped within Hokkaido and to the Kanto region.
Our flame-grilled squid products, including Umaka Yaki, are landed in Hokkaido and slowly flame-grilled to lock in their freshness and rich flavors.
We also process squid and Alaskan pollack products using stocks caught in South Korea.